Musandam Khasab Tour Packages

Khasab Sea Tours is the most reliable travel agency arrange for you amazing Khasab Musandam Tour Packages. Our finest arrangements and quick prompt services make us a favorite among the travelers. We fulfill the requirements of the visitors with our customized and affordable Musandam Tour Packages. Our Musandam tour packages suit the needs of all tourists from Dubai, Muscat as well for Cruise ship visitors. Create memoirs that last a lifetime by exploring the much admired places in Musandam Oman. We invite you to have a great time with your friends and family in the astonishing Khasab Musandam region. The trust tourists from all over the world have put in us is a testimony of our honest efforts towards them. The beautiful natural landscapes in Musandam Oman give you memories that will last a lifetime and make you want to come back again and again.

Musandam Oman Tour Packages from Dubai

Khasab Sea Tours is a one-stop enterprise ensures you affordable Musandam Oman tour packages. Enjoy wholesome experiences, the experiences that you will love to treasure with friends and family. We offer best price deals for our clients on various Khasab Musandam tour packages. Our professional team of skilled and dedicated tour consultants provides you platform for a memorable trip. You can explore natural beauty of the Musandam region and guarantees that you got an amazing travel experience. Easy to book vocational and holiday packages for our clients. Anyone can discover the hidden beauty of Khasab with our discount price offers. We provide quality services for our clients on daily basis. We tender affordable and attractive Musandam Oman Tour Packages from Dubai.

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Exciting Musandam Trip Packages

Khasab Tour Packages with Transport


We also offer Khasab tour packages from Dubai with or without transport, through any way you prefer and let us take you to a Calm and Peaceful Zen that you will admire for the rest of your life. Surely you want to return back again once you enjoy our Khasab Musandam tours. Khasab capital of Musandam Peninsula is a top tourist attraction for its warm weather, natural high fjords, beautiful landscapes and calm camping sites spread all around the region. Enjoy the unaltered beauty of the fjords and explore the high natural formations. Spend as much time and as many days you like in the region.
Khasab Sea Tours arrange reliable transport with Khasab tour packages from United Arab Emirates upon request. We offer private transportation services on our luxury vehicles; 7-seater car, mini bus & bus from Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, RAK and Abu Dhabi. Our private transport services offer a flexible, air-conditioned, safe and convenient way to travel.

Why You Should Visit Musandam Oman?

The natural and calm beauty of Musandam region will make you forget the hassles of busy city lives and emerge from it refreshed. Busy lifestyles and hectic everyday routines have pushed many people in a corner where they don’t have much time for themselves. Getting yourself away from it all to a nice calm and warm place is absolutely essential for both the mind and body. Spend a quiet evening with your loved ones under the Beautiful Middle-Eastern sky. Birthday parties or get-together are also made more memorable on with our Oman Musandam Trip Packages. Witness the cultural heritage of the Musandam Peninsula right in the older villages that are to this day preserved in their original form and create memories that will stay with you for the longest time.
Our skilled and experienced professional tourism agents provide satisfactory services to hundreds of clients every day. Our easy booking services behold the hidden beauty of Khasab to you at special discounted rates Khasab tour packages.

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