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Khasab Sea Tours is one of the most esteemed tour providers in Musandam Oman. We are specialized exclusive and attractive Khasab Musandam Dhow Cruise Price Deals. We offer the most affordable Khasab Tours prices for our dhow cruise packages with optional Dubai to Khasab Transport. Khasab dhow cruise into the beautiful sheltered mighty Fjords of Musandam provide an excellent exploration opportunity away from the busy city lives. Narrow cliffs connect these Musandam fjords with the mainland and are created by fragmented rocks stretching their claw-like formation right into the sea and the huge overshadowing cliffs. The beautiful reflection of the towering cliffs in the clear turquoise waters is a breathtaking sight on its own.
Our traditional Omani Dhow boats take you to an adventurous expedition through the mighty Oman fjords. The comfortably decorated boats with carpets and cushions provide you every opportunity to relax and enjoy the calm and breathtaking views of the lovely surroundings. Our Khasab Musandam Dhow Cruise also take you to the traditional villages in the heart of the mountains and also the picturesque beauty of Khourshem fjords. Shem, Qanaha and Maqlab are a few traditional fisherman villages we take you to and also the very attractive Dolphin watching right in their usual places of occurrence.

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We ensure competitive prices Khasab Tours Packages. Experience once in a lifetime travel adventures and enjoy some adventures things to do in Oman, Khasab dhow cruise, Dolphin watch, Mountain safari as well overnight camping.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

KST with help of professional tour operators offers bunch of Musandam tour deals for the visitors across the world. For the last 15 years we do everything in our power to provide 100% satisfaction guarantee to our customers.

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We are globally trusted entity takes care of complete travel requirements of its esteemed clients. Thousands of our clients have enjoyed great deals. Client’s positive feedback has made us one of the most reliable tour operators.

Khasab Musandam Tour Packages

Khasab Sea Tours is one of the most experienced and original custom tourism company in the Musandam region. Book your Khasab Musandam Tour Packages and explore the natural beauty of the region and bask yourself in the astonishing sights and warm sunshine along the way as well. All year round discounted rates Musandam tour deals on occasions like Eid holidays, Oman National Day, UAE National Day, New Year’s Eve, Christmas Day or Easter Holidays are all focused on by our superior tourism offers.
The exciting Khasab tour packages include Half Day and Full Day Musandam Dhow Cruise to Khourshem Fjords can be enjoyed on a Public Shared Dhow or Private Dhow Cruise Khasab option depending on your preference. Family gatherings, birthday parties, anniversaries, New Year’s parties and all other social gatherings are appreciated at Khasab Sea Tours. Musandam Dhow Cruise Overnight Stay under the sky full of stars, great sandy beaches locations for beach camping and the mountain safari option takes you right to the heights of Jebel Herim and Khor Najd. A boat trip to Kumzar Village is also included and you can explore the traditions and customs of the region with a Khasab City Tour as well. Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy Musandam Fishing Trip on our speedboat or dhow with include basic gears (hand lines and baits). Three and four star hotel and resorts bookings are also offered. Take the optional transport service from Dubai to Khasab or take the trip yourself and join us for an amazing warm and calm holiday.

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Exciting Khasab Tour Packages for Cruise Ship Visitors

Cruise Ships to Oman: Khasab Sea Tours have built our awesome reputation on providing quality services to tourists from all over the world. The clear waters of Khasab Oman along with the breathtaking peninsula fjords are a dream destination for Cruise Ships from Muscat, Dubai or Abu Dhabi. We offer discount rate Khasab Tours Packages for cruise ships that are anchored at the port all day presenting tourists a great opportunity to explore the breathtaking beauty.
Half Day or Full Day Khasab Dhow Cruise Tours are the most popular Khasab tour packages and take you right to the beauty of Musandam Fjords. This day trip includes astonishing sightseeing, Dolphin watch, swimming and snorkeling and refreshments on board our Dhow Cruise Boats. Khasab Mountain Safari and City Tours are also customized to suit your exact preferences along the way. MSC Cruises, Costa Cruises, Norwegian Star Cruise, Celebrity Cruises, Splendor of the Seas, Mein Schiff and other great cruises are all dock at Khasab port. We also offer free transfers option by bus from port to the Dhow Cruise Terminal.

Well Known Khasab Tours Company

Khasab Sea Tours is a well-known tourism company in Musandam Oman. Our clients based from all over the world recommend us as best tour operators. The natural beauty of this region attracts thousands of visitors every year. You will love the calmness and quietness of Khasab. Local or foreign visitors can all enjoy our customized Khasab tours offers, as we take them to the heavenly natural beauty of the surroundings every weekend and holidays periods. Having served the Oman tourism industry for well over a decade, we have developed strong business relationships with hotels and other places to stay in the area and the whole custom tour packages we offer include everything and just require you to bring yourself or your loved ones.

Khasab Oman Dhow Cruise with Dolphin Watch

Probably the most basic option for dolphin watching in Musandam Peninsula is by the traditional Khasab Dhow Cruise. These boats are the lightest on water and specialize for long distance sailing. Our dhow cruise takes you right into the heat of the usual dolphin watching sites. This is affordable price Khasab dhow cruise tours. These boats are the right balance between comfort and maneuverability. We will take you right where you want to be. A boat deck is also low enough for a great Dolphin watch in the clear waters of the region. You can take a public share dhow cruise with other passengers or also hire a private dhow cruise for yourself perfect for those personal visits and close family or friends.


From start to finish this experience was brilliant. The crew worked really hard to make sure everyone enjoyed the wholes cruise. They served fresh fruit, an assortment of coffee, water, cans of pop and juice throughout the cruise. The whole team worked hard and treated all like family. We saw dolphins swimming free and had the opportunity to snorkel and swim for a short time. Well worth the trip. Excellent value for money.
Carol G

We enjoyed our half day dhow cruise trip in the fjords of Khasab. The scenery is fantastic. The tour operators included fruit and non-alcoholic beverages. We saw lots of dolphins and the boat captain would explain some of the surrounding areas to us. We were on a cruise and found this tour that was considerably cheaper than the one offered by the cruise line. We were met at the dock and there were no issues getting to the tour. Would definitely recommend!

We booked a full day and overnight stay on a Dhow. The boat trip through the spectacular Musandam Fjords was very relaxing and the 2 crew made sure that we saw plenty of the wild dolphins in the area. The snorkeling site near Telegraph Island was the highlight for me as the beautiful warm sea was full of fish such as parrot fish, clown fish and many more. The boat was basic (particularly the toilet) but it was comfortable and the night sky was wonderful. Food was good and plentiful and the crew made sure we were well looked after. I'd thoroughly recommend the overnight trip.

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