Best Free Campsites in Musandam Khasab for Holidays

The Telegraph Island

Telegraph Island is considered as one of the best Musandam campsite. Although camping on the inner parts of the island is banned but you can camp on the calm beaches on your preference. The island got its name when the British laid a telegraph cable running through the island and stays pretty quiet and calm most of the times. The calm cool breeze and the warm waters are a perfect camping opportunity and you can explore your way in the island as well in spare time.

The Seebi Island Camping

Pretty much like the Telegraph Island, the Seebi Island also has very calm beaches preserved as they were in the old times. You can camp, barbeque or do what you want while on the beaches of the island and the exploration in the nearby fjords will keep you busy all the time.

Bassa Beach Camping Site near Atana Khasab Hotel

Just before you arrive at Khasab, there is a great camping site right as you go along the Atana Khasab Hotel. This Musandam campsite called Bassa Beach. The hotel is a huge structure near the beach and you can’t miss it as you pass it on the highway, look for the camping site right at its far edge. Enjoy free campsite with the fresh fish cooking opportunity (fish available nearby market). There is also a public toilet that you can use whenever required.

Acacia Forest Camping Site

The large wadi near Sall Ala is a vast barren land and in the Acacia Forest you can camp wherever you want. However, the spots near the tarmac road are quite crowded because of its popularity and you will have to be really lucky or get there at the earliest hour to get a good spot. Otherwise, the whole backyard of the front rows are open and you can even interact with other campers there to charm up the moods.

Mountain Camping

The Musandam Peninsula has a range of naturally formed fjords that gave rise to high mountains and cool cliffs. The spot right between Jabal Al Harim and Jabal Bil Ays is a great camping site and is easily accessible by car. You need to take the road from Khasab to Dibba to get to it and after turning into the dirt track 20 km in going past the Sayah plateau about 5 km you will be on a track to the right side forming a round circle. You can camp on either side of the road, you will find a lot of sharp broken glass on the south side from the industries that used to be there and the north side is has ruins from a settlement where you can camp easily. The place is lesser known to most people and stays quite for that reason as well. The view of the Jabal al Harim and the isolation of the place make it a great camping site.

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Harf Village Camping Site

This one is not actually in the peninsula but a great camping location indeed. At the far north end of the mainland, north of the Harf village there are small parking spots along the coastal road. Take a short hike to get to the edge of the cliff and that particular area is pretty flat providing beautiful hilltop views. This area is usually left alone and you can camp all you want.


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